BattleForge is a combination of real-time strategy and collectible card game for the PC. Set in an epic fantasy setting, players collect BattleForge cards that summon forth creatures, buildings, and spells, which can be traded with other players. Armies are formed by building a deck, a collection of cards, which players take into battle against the computer or other players. The ability to design-your-own-army adds a new strategic dimension to the basic real-time strategy gameplay.

BattleForge supports single-player and two, four, and twelve player cooperative multiplayer. Further, players can compete head-to-head in player versus player and two versus two team PvP.

This wiki is assembled and maintained by the BattleForge Community. Our goal is to provide documentation for game features, walkthroughs for game scenarios, and strategic information about the Cards. We welcome contributions from any and all community members and wish to encourage you to participate in this wiki.

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