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BattleForge Points (abbreviated BFPs) are one of two types of currency in the game, the other being Gold. BattleForge Points are used to purchase new cards via single cards (2 BFPs), via Boosters (499 BFPs) and Tomes (599 BFPs) or to purchase cards from other players via Auction House.

Obtaining BattleForge PointsEdit

BattleForge points are acquired by:

  1. Selling cards for BFPs in the Marketplace
  2. Trading cards or gold with other players for BFPs
  3. Purchasing them from the BattleForge website or the EA Store.
    • Costs $3.25 for 600 BattleForge points.
    • Costs $6.50 for 1,200 BattleForge points.
    • Costs $13.00 for 3,000 BattleForge points.
    • Costs $25.75 for 6,500 BattleForge points.
    • Costs $64.25 for 17,500 BattleForge points.
  4. Purchasing a BattleForge Points retail box (only available in some regions). This costs $19.99 and includes 2250 BattleForge points.
  5. Purchasing a BattleForge Game box (only available in some regions). This costs$19.99 and includes 3000 BattleForge points and 60 cards.
  6. Nowadays you can get 2 Battleforge points for free just for playing Battleforge 15 minutes in total a day.

Other InformationEdit

BattleForge Points are not to be confused with Battle Tokens, which are earned from Ranked PvP matches, the Battlegrounds(often called Random PvE or rPvE for short), and through the use of the Element of Conversion at the end of normal PvE scenarios; and are used to claim Upgrades.

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