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BattleForge is a real-time strategy game, made by EA Phenomic with Trading Card Game elements. There are also RPG elements revolving around the upgrading of cards.

Experience real-time strategy in a whole new dimension! Each battle is different, every army unique. Create your own army of powerful creatures and powerful soldiers. Lead your army in epic battles online - together with your friends or against them!

Four forces determine the equilibrium in the world of BattleForge: Fire, Frost, Shadow, Nature. Each of these powers has special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Use the arsenal of spells, magical works and powerful units for the whole of your strategy. Surprise your opponents with a perfectly-armed forces - for each battle situation.

Rare cards can open up entirely new tactics, and are coveted items in the Auction House!

The cards are your combat units, buildings and magical spells, and you conjure them directly into battle. From your ever-growing collection of cards assemble the perfect army and prepare for battle.

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