[edit]Bandit Bouncer

Attack: L 1050 Defense: M 950
Bandit Ogre Soldier. Deals concussive blows that can paralyze his targets for a while.

Artwork Bandit Crossbowmen

[edit]Bandit Crossbowmen

Attack: M 480 Defense: S 540
Bandit Human Archers. Armed with huge Crossbows

Enemy:Bandit Gunners

[edit]Bandit Hornblower

Attack: L 2600 Defense: L 2600
Bandit Ogre Destroyer. Can deliver a mighty hornblast that shatters structures.

[edit]Bandit Lancers

Attack: L 960 Defense: M 1040
Bandit Human Soldiers. Move with high speed while their swift attacks disorient their enemies, slowing their movement.

Artwork Bandit Lord

[edit]Bandit Lord

Attack: XL 7000 Defense: XL 7000
Bandit demon crusader. Regenerates health from corpses.

[edit]Bandit Shaman

Attack: M 400 Defense: M 520
Bandit Ogre Crusader. Is capable of healing his allies.

Artwork Bandit Skyrake

[edit]Bandit Skyrake

Attack: L 470 Ranged Defense: M 440
Bandit Beast Archer. Is especially dangerous to flying units.

Artwork Bandit Sniper

[edit]Bandit Sniper

Attack: M 1000 Defense: M 700
Bandit Human Archer. Has a powerful ranged attack.

(The special attack of the Bandit Sniper is similar in type but not in damage output to that of the era 1 Shadow unit, Nox Trooper. It takes approximately 3.5 seconds to complete, and does 660 damage, enough to kill many era 2 units, where the Trooper's does only 300)

[edit]Bandit Sorceress

Attack: S 420 Defense: M 480
Bandit Human Wizard. Commandeers and converts enemy buildings to friendly as long as she occupies them.

Counter: Lost Converter

[edit]Bandit Spearmen

Attack: XL 840 Defense: S 780
Bandit Human Soldiers. Their barbed spears will slow enemies they hit. A warrior trance makes it difficult to knock them away or trample them down, increasing their lethality against huge creatures.

Artwork Bandit Soulhunter

[edit]Bandit Soulhunter

Attack: 4500 L Defense: 4500 XL
Undead Dominator. Gathers nearby corpses and shapes them into mines.

Artwork Tortugun

[edit]Bandit Tortugun

Defense: XL
Bandit beast destroyer. Gets enforced by orbs for a more powerful ranged attack

Artwork Bandit Vanguard

[edit]Bandit Vanguard

Attack: M Defense: S
Bandit orc marauders. Charges their enemies.

Artwork Bandit Walker

[edit]Bandit Walker

Attack: XL Defense: XL
Bandit artifact destroyer.

Artwork Bandit Windhunter

[edit]Bandit Windhunter

Attack: XL 2000 Defense: L 1650
Bandit Beast Archer. Can paralyze its victims.
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