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Infused affinity

Infused affinity is fire red

Blessed affinity

Blessed affinity is ice blue

Affinity is, aesthetically, a secondary element or faction, and follows the same scheme for the elements as the main ones of Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow, right down to the colors for each one.

Affinity was added to cards from the Renegade Edition on, essentially making two card types out of each card design and ingame graphics. Each affinity type has separate Abilities, and consequently the utility and value of each affinity of the same card can vary considerably.

Gifted affinity

Gifted affinity is vegetation green

Tainted affinity

Tainted affinity is shadow purple

In the sense that the different Affinities are separate cards, Affinity is, for the most part, a production consideration rather than a Category:Game Mechanics one, but there are a few cards whose abilities directly affect the type of Affinity.

For example, the pre-release cards Dark Crystal, Earth Crystal, Flame Crystal, and Ice Crystal all affect their respective affinities, rather than elements, as might be supposed from their names.

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