Abbreviations Edit

Abbreviation Meaning
AoC Aura of Corruption
AoE Area of Effect
AoF Avatar of Frost
CC Crowd Control
DPS Damage per second
DPTS Damage Per Twenty Seconds (DPTS)
HoT Heal over Time
LF Looking For
MotK Mark of the Keeper
OP Overpowered or Original Post
PvE Player vs Environment
PvP Player vs Player
SS Summoning Sickness (Dazed)
UP Underpowered
VK (German) Verkaufe - Selling
WTB Want to Buy
WTT Want to Trade
WTS Want to Sell

Notations Edit

There are a variety of notations used when discussing BattleForge.

Era Edit

Era is typically denoted with T1, T2, T3, and T4. The 'T' is short for Tier, a common term in many RTS games. Basically, it is a way of specifying the number of Orbs required to play a card.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrades are typically denoted with U0, U1, U2, U3. Charge upgrades can be denoted with a '+' plus sign. e.g. U2++ is a card upgraded to the second upgrade with both charge upgrades applied as well. Sometimes a 'L' is used instead of 'U'. It is not recommended that 't' be used. It causes confusion with the 'T' for Tier.

Orb Requirements Edit

Frost Shard-0

The Orb cost of playing a card can be denoted using a system similar to Magic the Gathering. A system of color abbreviations is used to represent each faction:

Finally, colorless (wild card) orb requirements are represented with either a number or a '*'.

For example, Frost Shard is a T3 Frost Spell that requires two Frost orb and one orb of any color. This orb requirement is represented as 1BB or BB*.

Deck Makeup Edit

Denoting which Orbs a deck needs at each tier can be done in a similar manner to the orb requirements for cards. The same system of color abbreviations is used and the result is typically enclosed in parentheses. For example a mixed Fire/Nature deck that went T1 Fire, T2 Nature, T3 Fire, T4 Nature could be denoted with "(RGRG)"

Terms Edit

  • Buff
Main article: Buff
A spell or ability that boosts a Creature's performance.
  • Kite
Main article: Kite
To lure an enemy around constantly while you kill it with a ranged attack.
  • Pull
To draw or lure an enemy into a killzone.
  • Tank
Either the act of or ability to absorb a great deal of damage. Typically to protect more fragile allies.

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