Installation and LaunchingEdit


The Editor is installed from the Bootstrapper. When you first open the Bootstrapper you will see tab over the server window called "Optional Components". On that tab you can check to install the Editor.


There are two way to launch the Editor. You can launch it from the Bootstrapper window when you first start it up or you can find the actual executable in the program folder and launch it that way. It is called "pluginbasededitor.exe".

Editor UIEdit

Learn more about the graphical user interface of the "pluginbasededitor" here.

Editor NavigationEdit

How you can move, rotate and zoom the editor camera, find out here.

Editor ShortcutsEdit

Click here to see a list of all shortcuts used in the editor.

Editor Menu BarEdit

Description of the whole Menue Bar step by step, click here.

Editor ToolsEdit

The Editor comes with a number of different tools for editing your map. Nearly every tool has an associated Tool Window. The Tool Window is often vital for use of the tool. They can be accessed from the "Windows" menu. To see all the Tools with a guidance, click here.


Basics about the Script EngineEdit

We use the LUA scripting language for mission scripts. Every Script is executed when the map is loaded and the Scriptsystem written in LUA translates the meta-scripts to actual C++ objects and builds the script statemachines. Read first before you start with scripting.

Script FilesEdit

All scripts are put into a sub-folder. The folders path is "...\<mapname>\script1", when seen from the map directory. For more information click here.

Script SyntaxEdit

How to write the correct syntax for the scripts you will find here.

Script LayersEdit

A script usually consists of three different layers. Fore more information click here.

Layer 1 StatesEdit

Fore more information click here.

Layer 2 EventsEdit

Fore more information click here.

Layer 3 Conditions & ActionsEdit

Fore more information click here.

Script Library GDS Help ToolEdit

Conditions click here.

Actions click here.

My First BattleForge MapEdit

A tutorial how to create a PvE player versus environment (single player) map step by step. Following all the topics you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to use the random generator tool in the "PlugInBasedEditor".
  • How to place enemy squads and buildings.
  • How to place scriptmarkes and how to tag (name) them.
  • How to build a fortification (barrier).
  • How to create a navigation mesh.
  • How to combine the editor with the script files.
  • How to create enemy spawns.
  • How to create enemy patrols.
  • How to mount a fortification (barrier) by script.
  • How to create outcries (small text boxes in the game).
  • How to create goals for the player.

If you want to start with the tutorial click here.

Map CustomizationsEdit

  • Map loading screen
  • Map description
  • Outcries
  • Player Goals
  • Minimap

Click here for more information.

Example ScriptsEdit

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